Travelling light

Travelling light

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Recent Purchase: Blue Leather Rider


So this may look familiar to you but if not its, flock2.0 aka internetflexin’s blue rider. This beast is ridiculously heavy and pretty similar to a ToJ calf leather. I’ve been on a hunt for a blue leather rider and ToJ just didn’t have the right blue imo. It was just a coincidence that flock recently upgraded his leather and was looking to sell this piece on ebay but I managed to intercept that terrible idea. I really love how chunky the zips are and the placement as well. 

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Recent Purchase: ToJ 4-zip MDR

I recently sold my TOJ2.3 dr because it was pretty obvious the shoulders were just a size too big. I’ve been looking for a rider in my exact measurements (whate are the chances lol) for a while and this just fit the bill. I think I’ve said this before but the zip placement for the 4zip MDR is perfect. It really is an upgrade to the previous models with the more controllable collar and the genius behind the sleeve/cuffs is amazing. You don’t realize how uncomfortable the sleeves on other riders are, until you notice the internal cuff in the MDR which you can unbutton so it lies flat and doesn’t bump against your wrists. The lambskin is still the same quality as before but the design is really the next generation. Will try to get some fits for this in the future. Also got another leather coming but don’t want to give too much details on it (only hint is that its blue). 

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Recent Purchase: Phenomenon MA-1

Just received this today and the fit is pretty much what I was looking for. The lining is super soft and looks amazing. I think my only complaint would be the zips they use as they have this star shape on it and its reminding me of some cute pencil cases I’ve seen. 

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Recent Purchase: Adidas Stan Smith

I hope Eastinwest doesn’t read this as I was supposed to buy a pair with him but I found an even cheaper pair so my deepest apologies if you’re reading this!  I don’t think these need much of a review as everyone has probably worn them at one time or seen them irl.

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Recent Purchase: Reebok Ex-O-Fit Strap

Just got this today after a nightmare of postage mixups. I think just like any of the good high-tops, they are an acquired taste and I find the best ones usually start off ugly but they grow on you (RO, DBSS). I first got interested in these when I saw the Juun.J patent versions of these but they were long sold out in my size by the time I heard of it. In terms of design, I think its pretty rare for sneakers to have a chunky top and slimmer sole and they go together really well here. Also note that the leather panel on the toes is connected by the nylon. The nylon toe box doesn’t crease and I don’t think that many shoe designs have this feature. In terms of comfort I’d say its very comfy with loads of padding. Reebok is definitely underestimated as a brand compared to Nike/Adidas but this is one of their top designs.

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Recent Purchase: Undercover Languid Necklace SS2004

Saw this on ebay for cheap the other day so I had one of those “bid and forget about it” type of mentalities. When it arrived I was surprised how cool it actually is. Its like 2 guitar picks but one of them is warped in a really interesting way.

From this point on it will be a vague and spontaneous rant so be warned: Its definitely the kind that makes you think of the symbolic relationship Jun has with music. The choice of a thicker pick hints that its meant for punk rock or heavy metal as the picks thickness can define the types of sound your guitar makes. I like how the white pick is behind the black so when you wear black the white acts as a border around the black one and creates some nice contrast. God damn this is dope for what I payed.

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Recent Purchase: UniqloUndercover Skinny Fit Jeans

Also received these. Unlike my first reaction to the easy pants. I was pretty happy with the material of these. Sure they’re no drkshdw or 13.5-21oz selvage/selvedge denim but that’s not the point. The fit is great and much better than cheap mondays/nudies etc. I usually wear some waxed drksdhws but wanted to have the choice to wax on wax off and the zip pocket on these sure is a game changer lol. I think I mentioned before but for $60 you really can’t complain. IMO if you aren’t going for the authentic faded experience or the high fashion J-shaped jeans, these are great if you’re looking for that something to go with everything in your closet.

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Recent Purchase: UniqloUndercover Easy Pants

I’ll try to give a fair review since everyone probably assumes I’ll rep anything undercover (kinda hard to deny that I do).

Just received these today and when I first opened the package I was pretty disappointed at first. Mainly at how thin the cotton was and how “cheap” the material looked. However I put it on and realised the fit was very good for sweat pants and after wearing it for the past few hours the comfort is just great. I felt like I was wearing pyjamas in public.

There are a few details that elevate this above your typical sweat pants apart from the fit. The construction for the pocket on the side is really clever so that the  outer seam of the pants goes up the pocket as well(hard to explain) and makes the pocket blend in perfectly. 

I think the main problem everyone has with the quality or how thin all the UU stuff is, is that they forget its for spring/summer and not a FW collection. Really want to see what Jun does for winter but this is good as it is. I hope people haven’t forgotten the kind of stuff they released for +J spring and just realise it was not that impressive either. If I were Jun, I would have done a winter collection to begin UU but the prices would probably not be this low.

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Recent Purchase: ToJ Bomber

Well I didn’t buy this for myself but it still deserves a report. I don’t think I can repeat it enough but the lamb leather ToJ uses is crazy but this was my first time handling the shearling on the collar which is the next level of softness. Lots of nice details like the side pockets and suede name patch. Its a shame that its in a womans size or I would be keeping this for myself.

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Recent Purchase: Nike Air Huarache Free BBall

Just got these this week and they are so comfy. The flexible mesh and nubuck material makes getting in and out so easy. The free sole on a hitop is genius and the exposed sock/ankle design is perfect for those people who can’t afford some baller sandals like those UnderCover SS2010 ones. The lack of a giant tick is also a plus and looks better than a lot of designer sneaks nowadays. 

Easy to put on

Breezy breathable fabrics and construction

Beautiful design

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Recent Purchase: Undercover Guru Guru Pants

Just received these Guru Guru pants today. These are made from a really interesting combination of technical fabrics. Its super soft and waterproof. The waistbag extends all the way from the crotch zip. Don’t know how I’m guna piss but it looks too good to complain about it lol.

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Recent Purchase: Undercover Chesterfield

Also got this UC chesterfield to replace the TOJ Peacoat I sold. No hate on ToJ but I was always looking for a slimmer coat and the arms on these are exactly what I was looking for. The lining is this nice flannel with a dope pattern and should be warm enough for Auckland as usual. Did I mention the wool is this really textured wool thingie (you can tell how shit my #menswear game is). Going for that Thom Yorke x UC photoshoot.

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