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Recent Purchase: UniqloUndercover Utility Parka

Got this a few weeks ago but only borrowed a camera yesterday so I might do a few posts. 

The first thing that impressed me with the UU parka is the construction and quality of it as it comes with a removable lining thats really warm and I have used it under a few other jackets on some occasions. There are a few details that set it apart from the usual boring fishtail parkas from alpha/schott etc like the corduroy panels on the cuffs and the pockets and the flash of color on the fabric next to the zips.

The hood is really massive but it doesn’t have any lining so its actually not that warm but the removable fur collar does help in warmth. But my main complaint would be that the buttons next to the zips serve no purpose and kind of takes away from the “utility” of the parka. 

The material is relatively waterproof but definitely nothing compared to a real technical parka but I don’t think you should be buying this if you want are going for that techninja vibe. Overall its really good even at full retail and even better if you get it at sale price. 

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